Amelia Sue Marshall

Amelia Sue Marshall is a writer who lives in Oakland, on Peralta Creek. She is the author of East Bay Hills: A Brief History (Arcadia Publishing, 2017). She is an alumna of the University of California at Berkeley (electrical engineering and computer science). Her interests include local equestrian history, cultural heritage preservation, and Hawaiian music.

Explore the unique redwood forest region of the hills between Oakland, Moraga, Castro Valley, and Hayward. Begining with the indigenous people, we cover little-known lore about those who have lived in an near the redwoods: Californio rancheros, Yankee bullwhackers, Harvard-educated lawyers, horse people, park rangers, and naturalists. Like the mist rising from San Francisco Bay encircles the towering redwoods, the little-known legends of the East Bay Hills enrich a glorious history. Follow the trails of Saclan and Jalquin-Yrgin people over the hills and through the valleys. Ride with the mounted rangers through the Flood of ’62. Break into a sealed railroad tunnel with a pack of junior high school boys. Learn how university professors, civil servants and wealthy businessmen planned for years to create a chain of parks twenty miles along the hilltops. Author Amelia Sue Marshall explores the heritage of these storied parklands with the naturalists who continue to preserve them and the old-timers who remember wilder days.