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Bridge Walkers

Catherine Herrera is a San Francisco filmmaker, photographer and writer whose has screened, exhibited and published her work in galleries, museums and universities in the U.S. and Mexico with creative work addressing issues of identity through history and contemporary reflections. Since returning to the Bay Area, Catherine Herrera has served as an associate producer on nationally broadcast PBS programming, and created documentary films and installations independently. Bridge Walkers evolved from learning that when my family is documented as living in San Francisco in 1860, the Shellmound at what is now Aquatic Park was being destroyed. Through interviews with Ohlone community members and Sacred site protectors Corrina Gould, and, Ann Marie Sayers, Bridge Walkers lends context for better understanding the importance of ancient sites in the past and today. Catherine Herrera will give a presentation at S.F. History Days about her family history in San Francisco in the 1850’s, and the connection to The Mint through the Almaden Mine, and share the lessons learned for fostering positive collaboration with researchers, genealogists, and archivists.