Laura Smith Borrman

A good, stiff drink. A tender, tangy crumb. A creamy, mushroom-studded noodle dish that tastes like mom’s cooking. Beefy comfort food that is really just that: a pile of perfectly seasoned ground beef (with a secret, simple ingredient, egg). And a quintessential ice cream sandwich that speaks of childhood and adult cravings and amusement park summers.

These are the legacy foods and drinks of San Francisco – the martini, sourdough bread, chicken tetrazzini, Joe’s special, the It’s-It, and so many more – with hotly disputed origin stories and beautiful modern expressions by revered chefs and barkeeps across the city and beyond. Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks and Desserts features bartenders, chefs, culinary historians, and fans speaking about the city’s famous contributions to the food and booze scene. Stories and recipes await you.

California native Laura Smith Borrman is a writer, editor, story gatherer, lover of food and drink, and author of Discovering Vintage San Francisco: a guide to the city’s timeless eateries, bars, shops & more (2015) and Wine Country Chef’s Table (2012). She has worked in pastry kitchens, culinary travel, public radio, research, and the corporate world. She’s a mother of two, and lives with her husband and children in Oakland.