Monika Trobits

Monika Trobits is the author of Antebellum and Civil War San Francisco: A Western Theatre for Northern & Southern Politics
(Arcadia Publishing, 2014) and an upcoming second book that explores the San Francisco Bay Area through the rise, fall and renaissance of coffee.

San Francisco in the mid-19th century, an instant city, geographically isolated in the West, yet fated to be the gateway for a worldwide migration in search of golden dreams. Argonauts rushed west from the Northern and Southern states, seemingly leaving behind the political and economic slavery-related tensions of the era only to find that it had all traveled west with them. Thousands made the arduous journey to San Francisco, a boomtown, fraught with daily dramas, political rivalries and heated battles over pending statehood.

Monika Trobits has been studying San Francisco history since the mid-1980s, evolving into a local historian, a long-time walking tour docent/guide and a published writer of non-fiction works about the city.