Presidio Trust

The Presidio Visitors Center

The Presidio is where San Francisco began. Founded at the Golden Gate in 1776, it served as a military fort under the flags of Spain, Mexico and the United States before it became a new kind of national park in 1994. History here isn’t stuffy and stolid – it’s a living, evolving journey that can be explored through countless events and experiences. And history is still being made at the Presidio through the park’s remarkable and ongoing transformation.

From 1998 to 2013, the Presidio Trust was focused on a big but bounded challenge: revitalizing and repurposing the Presidio while becoming financially self-sustaining as mandated by Congress.

With that mission achieved, we now have a singular opportunity to build on the Presidio’s character to create an inspired public place for our generation and those that follow. If the last two decades have been largely about saving the Presidio, the next two decades are about sharing it.