Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation


Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) raises awareness of the experience of Immigration into America through the Pacific. AIISF collects and preserves the rich stories and personal journeys of thousands of immigrants, and shares them with visitors and everyone living in America through education initiatives and public programs. Angel Island Immigration Station reminds us of the complicated history of immigration in America. It serves as a symbol of our willingness to learn from our past to ensure that our nation keeps its promise of liberty and freedom.

Featured Fun

For San Francisco History Days 2020, the Angel Island Immigration State Foundation presents two virtual exhibitions and a short video.

Tastes of Home: An Online Exhibition Celebrating Immigrant Cultures Through Food

From “breaking bread” with friends to providing a route to financial stability — food has played an important role in the stories of many immigrants from around the world. Tastes of Homeis an online exhibition where visitors can feel an increased sense of appreciation and connection to the immigrants in our communities and the foods that sustain them. On view from July 29ththrough October 31, 2020.

Voices of Resilience:  An Online Exhibition Celebrating the Site’s Historic Poetry and Poems Submitted by the Public

Fifty years ago, Alexander Weiss found long-lost poems carved into the detention barracks walls. This discovery led to the Immigration Station’s rebirth as a National Historic Landmark. To commemorate this golden jubilee, we present Voices of Resilience, an online exhibition celebrating poems from the site’s history as well as poems submitted by the public.

Video. History of the Angel Island Immigration Station

Whether you are a parent, educator, or someone looking to brush up on your Angel Island history, we are happy to present you with a 5-minute video that can be brought into a virtual classroom or your next presentation.