The Chinese Historical Society of America


The Chinese Historical Society of America is the oldest organization in the country dedicated to the interpretation, promotion, and preservation of the social, cultural, and political history and contributions of the Chinese in America. CHSA aims to encourage community dialogue through exhibitions, publications, and educational & public programs that are relevant, accessible, and participatory for the community.


Featured Fun

Learn more about the history and stories of Chinese Americans through their online exhibitions!
Work of Giants: The Chinese and the Building of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The Transcontinental Railroad is an American legacy, a triumph of the human spirit and a cornerstone of the history of Chinese in America. Learn more about the efforts of the 12,000 Chinese laborers who worked on the Central Pacific portion of the Transcontinental Railroad.
Earthquake: The Chinatown StoryWhen the 1906 Earthquake hit the city, it destroyed large parts of the city. Fires completely decimated Chinatown, leaving the neighborhood in ashes and its citizens fleeing to neighbor districts and cities. This online details firsthand accounts from the people who lived there, how the city had been planning to remove Chinatown, and how the Chinese fought back.
Remembering 1882. In 1882, Congress passed the nation’s first immigration law—the Chinese Exclusion Act. As legislation removed the constitutional guarantee of equal protection, discrimination and violent attacks against people of Chinese descent intensified, defining the fight for basic human rights and the very existence of Chinese Americans.
Be on the look-out for our future projects!

Over the summer, the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) created an animated tour of their main exhibition, Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion This digital tour will be launching later this fall.
We are working with Western Neighborhoods Project on our newest traveling exhibit, Chinese in the Richmond that will be launched next fall. Learn more about this upcoming exhibit here.