Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco


The Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco collection has been created by the San Francisco Department of Memory, community history groups in San Francisco who have come together to promote more collaboration around local history; to influence the discourse of local history; to amplify work done by local historians that is often isolated work; and to share resources around local history gathering and dissemination.

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Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco is a collaborative project of the San Francisco Department of Memory, a local community history consortium, with contributions from Bernal History Project, Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project, Potrero Hill Archives, Shaping San Francisco, Visitacion Valley History Project, Western Neighborhoods Project, and independent historians, with logistical support from the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, Acción Latina, Noe Valley Voice, and the Internet Archive.

Since 2014, we have digitized a collection of over 2,300 issues of local newspapers spanning more than a dozen different neighborhoods.

The collection includes the following papers:

Glen Park News/Perspective (1977–2012)
(New) Bernal Journal (1964–2008)
The New Fillmore (1986–1990)
Noe Valley Voice (1977–2011)
North/New Mission News (1983–2004)
OMI News (1969–1980)
The Potrero View (1970–2009)
Richmond ReView (1992–2004)
St. Mary’s Park Bell (1959–1999)
(Telegraph Hill) Semaphore (1956–present)
Street Art News (1975)
Tenant Times (1979–1996)
Tenderloin Times (1977–1994)
Visitacion Valley Grapevine (1996–2011)