Pardee Historic Home Museum


Oakland’s Pardee Home Museum is one of California’s architectural and historical treasures. From the outside, the beauty of the house and gardens is striking enough—and once you get inside, you’ll be astonished by the unique interiors and artifacts from around the world. Be prepared to discover its outstanding historical importance as the home of one of the East Bay’s most influential families. The home was built and lived in by three generations of Pardees and contains their belongings – art, furniture, collectibles, and trinkets galore.

In addition to the architecture of the house itself and the richness of the renovated gardens, the Museum offers two floors of collections — from the sublime to the bizarre — that explore the rich diversity of the Pardee family’s interests. Governor Pardee’s wife, Helen, was one of the most prodigious private collectors in California. Her collections are exhibited today just as the family left them.

The mission of the Pardee Historic Home Museum Inc. is to encourage learning, understanding, and appreciation of Oakland’s early history, the contributions of three generations of the Pardee family to the City of Oakland and the State of California, and to preserve the Museum’s history, home, contents, and gardens for the community’s education and enjoyment.

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The Pardee’s new website showcases the beauty of the historic home and the treasures it holds. Photos, family trees, and more are online and ready for you to discover.