San Bruno Mountain Watch


San Bruno Mountain Watch is a nonprofit organization that has worked for nearly 50 years to save and raise awareness about the unique ecological and cultural landscapes of San Bruno Mountain. San Bruno Mountain is one of the largest public open spaces in urban America. Our programs conserve and nurture the mountain’s unique ecosystems – home to 13 rare and endangered plants and four federally listed butterflies.

Featured Fun

For San Francisco History Days 2020, the San Bruno Mountain Watch presents a digital archive and a new book with an accompanying interview.

1. The San Bruno Mountain Archives is an ongoing initiative to collect and digitize various materials about the cultural and natural history of San Bruno Mountain. Currently, it hosts more than 20 themed collections with over 500 items.

2. Earth’s Own Animal is a new book by David Schooley, San Bruno Mountain Watch’s founder. It abounds with more than 250 pages of San Bruno Mountain art and poetry plus historical essays about the people’s movement to save San Bruno Mountain. The book will take you on a thoughtful and exciting journey through the landscapes and stories of San Bruno Mountain, intimately guided by the perspective of San Bruno Mountain Watch’s Founder, whose heart has been beating in rhythm with the life of the mountain for 50 years.
Visit to order a copy of the book, which will be shipped to you.
In the video below, David Schooley reflects on the book and more:

3. San Bruno Mountain Watch will be launching a free mobile app that offers self-guided walking tours of San Bruno Mountain, by the end of the year. Sign up for their monthly newsletter to receive a notification when the app is available for download.